Day 5 - knitted smiley, rainbows and arrows

World Suicide Prevention Day

I found this on the bench at the bus stop outside Sausmarez Manor this morning. Suicide prevention day. Well done Guernsey Mind, The Samaritans and whoever knitted this and left it out to cheer someone up. Can't help thinking the face is slightly demonic, though.

I managed to knock my web site into some sort of shape last night. For the last couple of year, I've been troubled at times by insomnia. I sometimes wake up in the night and can't get back to sleep and last night was one of those nights so this site was finalised between 4.30 and 7am this morning!

Rainbow steps

I bumped into one of my heroes on my way to work - standing on the rainbow steps.

Battle of Britain Day

Woo-hoo! It's red arrows day - and a lovely day for it! It's been more or less the same display since I used to watch it from Candie Gardens as a primary school child, but I sill love it - and remember why I used to want to be an RAF pilot! Not very green, is it, flying a fighter jet, but it must be great fun. I was so jealous when Tim Dawson got a ride in a Hawk for being the smartest cadet at RAF Chivenor!

Someone I was with said wasn't it a pity that the Red Arrows couldn't do rainbow smoke for Pride! 🏳️‍🌈 He he! I don't suppose the RAF will ever give up on the red, white and blue.

No hustings tonight so a chance to work on the site.. and make my first post..

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