Day 8 - Seafront full of people, why Guernsey is putting on weight and small businesses

Sea front - closed. Isn't it nice? What a lovely huge space we've got when it's not just a road.

With a bit of imagination, we could enjoy this space much more of the time - especially during the summer!

A gentleman strolls along the seafront at Belle Grève Bay. This part of the seafront is lovely - because it's away from the noise, fumes and hassle of the busy road.

Why the island is putting on weight

In the distance, the reclamation site - and in front of that, Spur Point - the site of a proposed reclamation site which would see tens of millions of pounds spent on building an additional area for filling with inert waste. In 2018 (the latest figures) we imported 288,607 tonnes of freight and exported 41,158 tonnes. Which means that the mass of Guernsey is increasing by 247,449 tonnes! The island is putting on weight - unlike the fit gentleman in the photo!

The Spur Point site is home to 2,000 square metres of eelgrass - an important habitat, which is valuable due to the diversity of species it supports and the ecosystem services it provides. It also has an important role in the fight against climate change as it locks up carbon dioxide more efficiently than rainforests. In the UK it is a priority habitat. The Societe Guernesiaise has lodged an objection. We are so lucky to have experts like this around - we should listen to them!

Les Amarreurs

Lovely day for it but it's kind of busy down here. Cars everywhere! I was down here last weekend so knew it would be like that. Easy to find a space if you're cycling though!

I don't think we can get rid of them all but I reckon we could reduce them by making the roads safer and more attractive for bikes. Then if you did need to drive, it would be easier to find a space.

Lovely small business owners Phil & Trudy Le Poidevin of Go Guernsey Land and Sea.

Small businesses, especially in tourism need our support.

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