Day 6 - On the roads..

On the bus - as a regular commuter on the bus, I know what time to turn up now.. but it took a while. The bus service is pretty good - bar a few quirks like a gap in the timetable (which would be perfect for work!) because I suppose the bus is needed for schools - but the information is woeful. The site doesn't seem to keep up with timetable changes very well. It would be worth spending some money adding GPS trackers to the bus and creating an app which tells you where your bus is. It would also be good to add the timetable info to services like Google Maps which do journey planning very well.

The town seafront is a wasted asset. It could be a lovely community space - but it's not - it's just a noisy, unfriendly road. Brave people cycle on it - and occasionally I see kids cycling along there.. but it makes me anxious.

Starting them young - 3 year old driver! 😄

Seriously though - we should be encouraging our young people to be independent - like children in holland. If the roads were quieter, we'd feel safe letting our kids walk or cycle to school. It great for them - they keep fit, become more self-reliant and develop a sense of independence.

PS The kid at the back's not doing too much work! 😄

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