Day 7 - Pride

I've been trying to catch up with all the admin required to stand - manifestos in different formats, designing a flyer, creating this web site, completing questionnaires and just barely making the deadlines. Tonight I'm in, writing and my friends are at the pub, wondering where I am..I popped down to town this afternoon and spend a couple of hours at Pride.

It seems to grow every year! The States has agreed to introduce new laws against discrimination on the grounds of race, disability, sexuality, religion and carer status, coming into force in 2022 - which is great! It's also agreed to "modernise" the sex discrimination law.. by 2024 - which isn't quite so great. It seems that nothing happens quickly in the States. I know there's a backlog in the law office but this will no doubt come back to the house several times to be finalised. Surely sometimes, when an urgent update is required, we should just get on with it.

Me with local celeb Magenta. I'm always slightly dumbstruck when I meet her! She's too.. fabulous!

So chuffed to be invited to hang out with all of the beautiful freaky people!

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